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Babuni's Table

2095 Route 209

Brodheadsville, Pa 18322 

        Help Wanted

Full-Time Cooks/szef kuchni

Tues, Wed, Thurs, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Full-Time and Part-Time 

Rotating weekends 

Must be over 18 yrs

Must have experience in the kitchen and familiar with East European cooking 

Speak Polish or Ukrainian Preferred 

Call or stop in on the weekend


Babuni's Table 

Polish Deli and Eatery 

We are located in HillTop Drive In, Brodheadsville, PA 



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Traditional Potato and Cheese 

Cabbage Filled Pierogi

Potato, Sauerkraut and Bacon


Sauerkraut and Mushroom


Spinach and Feta

Cheddar and Potato Pierogi

Garlic and Potato


Our Deli
4.99 lb

Updates from Babuni's Table

 We have limited our hours due to the COVID-19 issue that has impacted our communities and businesses. We are open Wednesday to Sunday, cleaning.  We are closed Monday and Tuesday for full cleaning and sanitation.  We have limited indoor seating due to the mandated PA State small business. Reservations are required it enables us to better deal with seating and staffing issues that we are facing. Certainly, this crisis has put a strain on our staff's families due to home obligations, health concerns, or whatever it may be. It also gives us the opportunity to continuously sanitize and disinfect.  Please understand our staff's and customers' safety and health is a priority, as many of you know our staff and customers are Babuni family, important to us. These two groups of people comprise the most important people in Babuni's Table. We appreciate and thank all of you for your support during this difficult time we hope all are safe. We welcome you back to our tables.

Sincerely Babuni's Table

Additional Help Needed for Kitchen &Table Server

 Must Speak Polish or Ukrainian

1 Table Server/ Deli

2 Cooks

 Must available to work  Weekends and Weekdays afternoons

Pomoc chciała gotować i potrzebowała kelnerki. Połączenie

Call 1-570-801-7520

or apply within

We carry populate Polish favorites from spices to candies 

Part Time Servers and Prep Cook needed for Weekends and Weekends . Rotating schedule must be available to work Sunday afternoons to closing. Wages based on experience. Polish or Ukrainian speaking a plus.  Apply within or call Babuni's Table   

       Our Potato Pancakes Gluten Free

Made fresh with every  order, served with  apple sauce or sour cream 

Babuni's Table Where everyone is like family

 Babuni's Table, celebrate your special moments.

We cater and we host  your special event, simply contact  us at 1-570-801-7520 or Stop in  to speak with us about our catered specialties     Reservations are required for parties 

 that are  7 customers or more

We are a BYOB 


Our Deli carries are a variety of popular Deli meats and

Polish Cheeses. We carry Kielbasa, Double Smoked and Kabanos. Kielbasa 4.99 lb Our shelves have a large variety of popular Polish foods and spices. 


We will special order upon your request,

Babka, White Kielbasa, Kishka,

Blood Sausage, Potato Keilbasa

Rye Breads, Pasteries Paczki


     We have a variety of 

   Pierogi's. Ask about our       vegetarian  Pierogi 

      Gluten Free Potato Pancakes 

Our Deli has fresh Kielbasa,Kabanos,Deli Meat and Cheeses

Babuni' Table has been featured in Plus Media News.

Article in Polish and English 


Try our Meat Pierogie

W każdą środę poranne babuni Table Fresh Bakery Bread i pączki Fresh Bakery W każdą sobotę rano zaopatrują ostatnie świeże pieczywo piekarnicze, pączki Pastery, Keilbasa i Kabanos


Every Saturday Morning Babuni's Table has Fresh Bakery Bread and Fresh Bakery Pastery and Paczki  while supplies last 

Our Deli has fresh 

Smoked Keilbasa, Kabanos

and a variety of fresh deli meats

Ask about special order of 

fresh Keilbasa and Bakery 

Fresh Babka Bread 

         Our hot sandwiches

              made fresh

                 per order 

         Meats  cut from our deli


Fresh cut meats from our deli 

At Babuni's Table we have a variety of Polish and American  deli meats and cheeses. 

We special order kielbasa, specialty breads and cheeses for our customers 

Przy stole Babuni mamy różne polskie i amerykańskie mięsa i sery. Na specjalne zamówienie zamówiliśmy kiełbasę, specjalny chleb i ser dla naszych klientów

Babuni's Table we  make our homemade Potato Pancakes fresh with every order   served with sour cream or apple sauce. Please allow 15 minutes  from preparation . Our deli has fresh Paczki and fresh Polish Rye

Mamy teraz domowe naleśniki ziemniaczane w naszym menu serwowane z kwaśną śmietaną lub sosem jabłkowym. Proszę pozwolić na 15 minut od przygotowania

At Babuni's Table sprawiamy, że nasze domowe naleśniki ziemniaczane są świeże przy każdym zamówieniu podawanym z kwaśną śmietaną lub sosem jabłkowym. Przygotuj się na 15 minut

At Babuni's Table , we make our homemade potato pancakes fresh with every order served with sour cream or apple sauce. Prepare for 15 minutes

  We have homemade  Haluski

  (Cabbage , Butter and Noodles)

   Add  Bacon 



Babuni's Deli carries  fresh smoked Kielbasa perfect for weekend grilling. Homemade Polish salads 

We have a variety of cheeses and  Polish Cheese, Swiss, Provolone  An assortment of meats cut per order including Polish Babuni Ham. 


 Our Deli carries traditional Polish spices, fresh breads, candies, chocolates, cakes and an assortment of  Polish jar goods.


Of course we have Pierogi. Meat, Potato and Cheese, Spinach, Potato, Feta and Spinach, Mushroom and Sauerkraut, Mushroom, Potato, Sauerkraut and Bacon Pierogi 


Our soups made fresh daily 






Doświadczenie szef kuchni chciał pełny czas lub złożyć wniosek w obrębie

About Babuni's Table

Babuni in Polish means Grandma.  

At Babuni's Table  our doors are open 

Our Deli-Restaurant servies traditional Polish favorites just like Grandma made

Homemade pierogies,golobkie,fresh kielbasa, Haluski

At Babuni's Table we remember our grandmothers who warmed out hearts with their home cooking we want our customers to remember those moments with our home cooking

Na Stole Babuniego nasze drzwi są teraz otwarte Nasza restauracja Deli serwuje tradycyjne polskie ulubione Domowej roboty przyprawy, faszerowanej kapusty, świeżego kiełbasy oraz dań na ciepło i zimno. Na stole Babuni pamiętamy wszystkich babc, którzy rozgrzewali serce domową kuchnią

Babuni's Table 

Where everyone is welcomed at Grandma's table

Gdzie wszyscy są mile widziane przy stole babci

We are Open

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 11:30 am to 8:30 pm

Tuesday we are closed for cooking 

  Friday   11:30 am to 9:00 pm

   Saturday 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

   Sunday 12:00 pm to   7:30 pm

At Babuni's Table  We are serving  traditional Polish meals along with classic  favorites from our deli and kitchen

Stół Babuni jest już otwarty. Nasze polskie dania i restauracja serwowane są w tradycyjnych polskich domowych potrawach. Nasze delikatesy będą klasyczne kanapki, świeże sałatki, gorące i zimne posiłki, Jesteśmy otwarci na śniadanie, lunch i wczesną kolację.

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